Mt. Moriah Baptist Church has several Ministries to be involved in.
The following Ministries are by appointment by Pastor Wilburn-  Deacons, Deaconess and Trustee Ministries.
Each Ministry has elected Officers and meeting times.

Deacon Ministry
The Deacon Ministry is Chaired by Deacon Darnell McDaniel and Deacon Willie Johnson and is ... more

Deaconess Ministry
The Deaconess Ministry is Chaired by: Sister Hilda Wilburn, (815) 741-9172 Sister Sherrie ... more

Trustee Ministry
The Trustee Ministry is chaired by Sis. Pamela Beavers, (630) 985-3632 The Trustee Ministry ... more

Sunday School
Minister Cedric Burkett, Sr. is the Superintendent of the Sunday School Ministry Sister ... more

Voices of Mt. Moriah
The Voices of Praise Choir is Chaired by Sis. Myra Stegall The Choir rehearses on ... more

Men's Choir
The Men's Choir is Chaired by Dec. Darnell McDaniel - 815-230-3515 The Men's ... more

Youth Choir
The Youth Choir is under the Direction of Sis. Therese Bell 815 726-4747 ​The Choir sings on ... more

Senior Ushers Ministry
The Senior Ushers is Chaired by Bro. Leroy Nobles The Usher's Ministry meets on the ... more

Health Ministry
The Health Unit is chaired by Sis. Minnie Woods Contact Information: Sister Minnie ... more

Mission Ministry
The Mission Ministry, Chaired by First Lady- Sister Hilda Wilburn, Meets on the First and ... more

Women's Ministry
The Women's Ministry -WOW - Women of Wisdom Sister Lorraine Easley is the ... more

BYF Ministry
The Baptist Youth Fellowship is under the Direction of Bro. Rickey Woods, 815 557-0617 ​The ... more

Education Ministry
The Education Ministry is Chaired by Sister Wilma Hopkins (815) 726-4796 ​The Education ... more

Social Ministry
The Social Ministry Sister Lolita Gatson, President 815-722-7410

Kitchen Ministry
The Kitchen Ministry is Chaired by Sis. Vera Jordan, (815) 726-3485

Busy Bee Ministry
​The Busy Bee Ministry is Chaired by Sis. Sarah McLaurin (815)726-3164 The Busy Bee Ministry ... more

Benevolence Ministry
The Benevolence Ministry is Chaired by Sis. Darlene Crosby (815) 727-4037