Silver Saints Honored June 26, 2016

On Sunday, June 26, 2016,  The Deaconess Ministry spearheaded a Program to Honor our Silver Saints, persons 70 and older.  We had about 30 people who  signed up and over half were 80 years and above.  We were even blessed with the presence of Sister Ruby Hughes who was  in town visiting from Georgia,  Sis. Ruby Hughes is in her 90's ! !
‚ÄčThe Theme was:  "We Walk by Faith:  Honoring and Remembering the Silver Saints of Mt. Moriah" , Scriptural References were Hebrews 11: 1- 6, Malachi 3:16 and Exodus 20:12. 
‚ÄčThe participating Silver Saints were pinned with yellow corsages and boutonnieres - yellow is the Biblical color for JOY-, each one as a token of Remembrance, a Stone of Reminder, received business cards of Appreciation and Book marks to mark this Occasion. The cards read:  "The Bearer of this card is a Silver Saint at the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church,  with their names on the back and a  picture of the Church in the background.  They were serenaded with an Adaptation of "Because of Who You Are"  and after a wonderful worship services they were served Dinner in the lower level .
It was a beautiful Day of Appreciation and they said they enjoyed it.