Pastoral Vacancy Attachment A

The following is a Standard of Service for the Senior Pastor:
(1)        Proclaim the gospel and lead all associated ministers, church leaders and
            members in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfill the purpose and
            mission of the church.
(2)        Provide care (including visitation, counseling, and prayer) for persons
            and lead Deacons and church members to provide the same care for
            persons in the church and in the community.
(3)        Provide administrative leadership to guide the church in attainment of the
            divine mission with measurable impact on the community.
(4)        Provide leadership for congregational services and lead in conducting the
            church ordinances (Lord’s Supper and Baptism).  The pastor is solely
            responsible for seeing that the pulpit is filled, but in the event he is
            incapacitated and unable to do so, then the assistant to the pastor or the
            designated alternate shall fill the pulpit until the pastor is able to resume
            his responsibility.
(5)        Conduct wedding ceremonies and funeral services.
(6)        Works closely with the Deacons in their training and performance in their
            work of proclamation, caring, building up the church fellowship, and
            other services they may render to help the pastor as he leads the church
            to fulfill it divine mission.
(7)        Serve as ex-officio member of all church committees, and moderate the
            church business meetings. As an ex-officio member of all church
            committees, the pastor may attend any meeting he desires, and he must
            be kept informed by the committees when and where they meet.  The
            pastor’s attendance is not mandatory at any committee meeting, except
            for the church council and business meetings, and he may only vote on
            issues in a committee meeting to break a tie.
(8)        Supervise church staff members with coaching and accountability.  Provide
            leadership training and development for a process of equipping church members
            to become tomorrow’s leaders.